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K-LINE Insulators is a quality silicone insulator manufacturer. The company was established in 1983 with its head office located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. K-LINE Insulator products are distributed world-wide through a consolidated network of representatives.

Product lines manufactured by K-LINE Insultators include transmission and distribution suspension/deadend, line post and station post insulators. Other products include riser support insulators, dead-end extension insulators, polymer-coated guy strains and specialty insulators for in-line switches, air-break switches, interphase spacers, railways and live line tools. These insulators are designed to the various standards (i.e. CSA, CEA, ANSI, IEEE, IEC, etc.).

K-LINE Insulators introduced a patented Universal Polymeric Line Post design. The live end fitting on this insulator is referred to as the “K” clamp. Finally, a line post insulator was created that can be installed in either a horizontal or vertical configuration, with the clamp integrated into the insulator design. Some of the immediate benefits of the “K” clamp are that it is made of a corrosion resistant aluminum casting, has the capability to accommodate a full range of conductor sizes, contains only a single captive live-line operable bolt, and has no loose parts. Users of the “K” clamp have been able to take advantage of labour cost savings in stringing, sagging and conductor clamping, along with other savings related to shipping, stocking and maintenance. The “K” clamp has performed excellently in the field since 1992.

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