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Establishment in 1995, Allis Communications Company core business is in the design and development of Global Positioning System antennas. Since its inception, Allis Communications Company (ACC) has evolved into a wireless technology company focusing on innovation and high performance designs. Through its innovative design and high quality production, Allis Communications supply its products to several large OEM companies throughout the world.

Allis Communications designs, manufactures, and markets wide array of antenna products to the GPS, GLONASS, WCDMA, and LTE market. In the GPS market, Allis Communications products consist of L1/L2 antenna, GPS Time Synchronizer, GPS Re-radiating system, and GPS/GLONASS. Allis Communications continues to build on its technology knowhow by integrating features such as WCDMA and LTE technologies into its GPS technology. Allis Communications products consist of high performance and ensure continuous connectivity. Nomor Togel Hari Ini

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