Hendrix Aerial Cable Systems:

The goal is to maximize system circuit reliability and installation efficiency. Hendrix ACS offers a complete solution or any customized subset of products and services that achieve this goal. Here’s an overview.

Aerial Cable Systems:

Hendrix Aerial Cable Systems are suitable for challenging applications including long spans, environmentally sensitive areas, and heavily wooded installations. For power systems exposed to harsh challenges such as falling trees, fire risk, heavy ice, and damaging storms, Hendrix aerial cable systems are designed for strength, featuring three covered conductors supported by a heavy-gauge messenger wire.

Tree Wire:

Tree wire or covered open-wire consists of the conductor (aluminum, aluminum alloy, or ACSR ) and the extruded covering (conductor shield, low-density inner layer, and protective outer layer). It is designed for full span applications and is supported on polyethylene insulators. We also offer a two-layer covered conductor design for 15kV systems that are not subject to heavy tree contact.

Tap Wire:

Tap wire is used as a lead from primary phase conductors to equipment bushings. This is suitable for use in spacer cable, tree wire, weatherproof wire, and bare wire distribution lines. It is comprised of a compressed stranded or solid copper conductor and covered with a layer of extruded black, thermoplastic rubber (TPR).

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