Morpac Industries, Inc

Working Together :: Morpac Industries, Inc.

Morpac Industries Inc., founded by Lloyd Morgan in 1956, is a custom manufacturer of specialized equipment for the electric utility and electric valve actuator markets.


A unique design of an electric valve actuator for navy vessels, commercial ships, nuclear plants, water treatment facilities, and our newest application — a proportional fuel control system.

Heavy-Duty Off Road Crawlers

Designed to move up to 60 tons over rough terrain at 20 miles per hour, they have been customized with rock drills, portable spars, and line stringing equipment.

Line Stringing

Morpac specializes in transmission line pullers, tensioners and tools used for stringing high power electric transmission lines. Our cable handling expertise is demonstrated by one of the nation’s longest spans — 6,400 ft. at the Tacoma Narrows, Washington.


Morpac manufactures high-voltage disconnect switches ranging from 7.5kV to 800kV. The automation and remote operation of switches is made possible by Morpac’s line of motor operators.

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