Working Together :: First Philec

FIRST PHILEC – The largest transformer manufacturer in the Philippines for over 50 years. Their designs conform to applicable standards of ANSI/IEEE and NEMA.

Distribution Transformer Product Offerings:

  • Pole Type Distribution Transformers
  • Pad-mounted Distribution Transformers
  • Dry Type Transformers


Our in-house technical Services (TS) department is comprised of highly qualified and experienced technical personnel. Our TS team is on call to service clients’ electrical preventive maintenance needs or any emergency requirements.

  • Parts Availability
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Maintenance and Calibration of Controls and Relays
  • Site testing and Commissioning
  • Diagnostic Test of Oil, Gas, and Insulating Fluid
  • Warranty and Technical Support
  • Consignment Management
  • Primary Metering Conversion


  • Substation Design Evaluation, Installation, Commisioning, Maintenance and Upgrades
  • Rightsizing of Transformers
  • Operating Lease Options
  • Total Asset Management

FIRST PHILEC is the country’s leader in providing electrical distribution equipment and co-created solutions in the Philippines, with over 250,000 installations nationwide. They are a vital partner in providing solutions to the pain points of the Transmission and Distribution segment. First Philec has been the preferred brand to the Philippines’ power utilities, commercial and industrial businesses for almost six decades. 

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