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Tungstone Power is a division of Electro-Tech Industries, headquartered in Houston, Texas. (Complete information about our parent company and its capabilities can be found at


We are a power systems integrator and provider of high-efficiency electrical power conversion solutions ideal for Critical Infrastructure, Auxiliary/Back-up Power, Renewable Energy and “Smart Grid” applications.


Our capabilities include:


  • A total turn-key system solution, including Project Feasibility Analysis, Project Management, Engineering Design, Installation and Service.


  • Engineered AC UPS systems and Inverters. (Capacity to 600 KVA for Industrial, Utilities, Power Generation, Data Control, Telecom and other critical applications.)


  • Integrated DC systems, including Charger modules, distribution and batteries for industrial and telecom applications.


    • Opus HE DC Power Systems – MHE Rectifiers
    • Opus C DC Power Systems – MRC Rectifiers, Wall-mounted Charging Rectifier, 19” 7U Rack or Wall-mounting, VIDI + Controller Product Family


    • EIM Inverter Systems – Inverters, Static Switches, Manual bypasses, AC Distribution, Sub-racks, wall-mounting options, 1 and 3-phase systems.


    • Clear-case pocket plate-type Nickel Cadmium batteries (optional: translucent available) for utilities, petrochemical, photovoltaic and other industrial applications.(Single cell capacity in the 10 to 1200 Ah range.)


    • Lead-acid batteries – Valve regulated (modular-sealed) and Flooded (vented) in flat OGi type or Tubular (OPZs) form. Nomor Togel Hari Ini

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