Working Together :: Three Phase Line Products

Three Phase Line Products


  • Rubber glove bags
  • Sleeve bags
  • Hanger trays
  • Handle trays

Bags are handmade in the USA with detailed quality inspection before delivery. A lot of time has gone into the design, making these bags as user-friendly as possible. 

Bag Features: 

  • Pockets on each side for storage of water bottles or spare gloves. 
  • Webbing on the sides to hang a speaker or other items. 
  • Interior liner that makes them water resistant. Keeping your rubber gloves dry. 
  • Lids are held closed with magnets which also make them easy to open. 

Handle Tray Features:

The handle tray is designed to fit on top of the trigger handle in your bucket. 

  • Three sides of the tray are slanted, so you can easily pick or drag small nuts, washers, and other items with your rubber gloves. 
  • The tray has velcro on the bottom so that it can be easily removed and placed on another truck. 
  • Small drain holes have also been included to reduce puddling during rain conditions. 

Hanger Tray Features:

The Hanger tray was designed to hang in the inner control area. Slanted front lip to easily drag smaller hardware with rubbers on. The trays are 8″L x 4″W x1 1/2″H. Two clips in two different sizes come with each order because many buckets have a larger or smaller surface. 

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