Working Together :: Kuvag

Kuvag is actively involved in designing, developing, and producing advanced insulation components for the energy, mobility, and industrial sectors. With over 40 years of experience, KUVAG has transformed into a leading international producer of custom-designed electrical insulation products. Our customers around the world are working on answers for a better future – such as a secure and sustainable energy supply, intelligent and reliable mobility solutions in rail transport, or even innovative industrial solutions. We, as a major technology partner are in the forefront of supporting them in their efforts.

Product lines:

–       MV and HV resin insulators KUVATEC

–       Composite switch rods KUVATEC

–       Composite tubes KUVACOMP

–       MV and HV Composite insulators SIMOTEC

–       Composite solid core insulators SIMOTEC

–       Current transformers KUVASENS

–       Voltage display systems KUVIN

–       SMC/BMC composites KUVADUR

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