Working Together :: Taihan FIBER OPTICS

Taihan Fiberoptics provides optical communication products with stability, speed, convenience, and scalability for companies of different sizes and providers to

secure their competitiveness through network innovation.

Products for Fiber Optic Communication & Overhead Electric Power Lines

Fiber Optic Cables

  • Duct/Direct Buried
  • Air Blown Solutions
  • Micro Module Cable
  • Drop
  • High Density / MT & CT Ribbon 

Aerial Cables & Overhead Conductor

  • OPGW Stranded & Central Tube
  • Aluminum Conductors Steel Reinforced [ACSR/(AW)(TW)]
  • Aluminum Conductors Steel Supported [ACSS/(AW)(TW)]

Taihan Fiberoptics has worked on the ‘future ready’ network for 40 years. Taihan Fiberoptics achieved vertical integration for its products, from optical fiber preforms to fiber-optic cables, through its continuous research and development of optical materials, resulting in excellent product quality and flexible production capacity. Taihan Fiberoptics’ innovation continues in the fields that will lead the fourth industrial revolution, such as sensing, laser, medical treatment, semiconductor, and space science.

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