Poleline Power Systems

Poleline Power Systems is a provider of high-quality pole line materials used in the electric utility and telecom market. The staff at PPS has over 35 years in the utility industry and is well equipped to provide you with sources for anything from Washers to Transformers. All our products meet the various industry standards, such as: IEEE, ANSI, ASTM, RUS, etc. Our manufacturer facilities have supplied products into the global market for several years under their own brand, as well as through well known OEM outlets. Through years of experience with end user Utility approval processes, PPS is able to work with our factories to gain all necessary approvals at the various utilities in the United States.  This includes the Electric Cooperatives, Public Power Utilities, and Investor Owned Utilities. Reach out to PPS to find that top quality products can be obtainable while remaining price competitive.

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