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WTEC provides a wide array of wire and cable for utilities around the world. With over twenty-five years’ experience and one of the largest energy portfolios in the world, WTEC delivers the cost-effective, high-quality results that naturally flow from fully integrating and synergizing the industry’s most connected and knowledgeable material- and equipment-supply manufacturing groups with an unmatched team of energy engineering experts as well as the industry’s most experienced construction professionals. In-house support, such as WTEC’s internal logistics team, ensure that your project’s materials and equipment arrive where and when they are needed, while maximizing efficiencies that ensure minimal costs. WTEC’s vast renewable energy experience, operational structure, and uncompromising standards for quality control all guarantee that your project will be on time, on budget, and on spec.

The WTEC Family of Companies is the industry’s choice energy provider. The synergy that complete vertical integration brings to your energy project goes straight to the bottom line:  efficient and competent construction, the highest quality and competitively priced materials and equipment, and cutting edge engineering and design  services  are the key to your project’s timely and successful completion.  WTEC’s  buying power and GULF Cable’s manufacturing expertise; AED’s renewable energy construction experience across a broad portfolio of project types; and RERC’s industry-specific engineering acumen all come together to drive down cost, eliminate inefficiencies, and ensure your project’s maximum profitability. When our engineers, construction professionals, manufacturers, and procurement professionals collaborate closely with one another  your project becomes a high-quality reality much more quickly and at much less cost.

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