Working Together :: CIC PPE

CIC PPE North America is a professional importer and distributor for PPE (personal protective equipment) products located in West Chicago suburbs. They are close to the airport and have warehouse facilities to handle air shipment and distributions to customers across the country. CIC North America imports products directly from 10+ highly quality manufacturers such as disposable faces masks, KN 95 face masks, and disposable gloves

3 Layer FaceMask

  • 3 Layer Disposable Mask 
  • 50 pcs pack 
  • Ship in 4000 pcs Master Carton 

KN95 Face Mask 

  • 50 pcs pack 


  • Blue Nitrile 
  • Clear PVC 
  • 100 pcs pack 
  • One Size fit most 
  • Ship in 1000 pcs Master Carton
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